Thursday, July 21, 2011


Words could kill..

only if you let them hurt you

Words have power 

only if you give meaning to them

Nice words can give hope 

and show love even to strangers

Once a word has been said

 its there for eternity

Written words not really just atoms and molecules
Words on the internet 
When deleted 
For sure they really gone?

Not if someone reads them
Would they stay forever
Even if the person reads and forgets
Then it is a forgotten memory
That could be recalled

Out of control?
Or controlled by words?


Be very careful with WORDS...


My MiRa said...

sometimes word sangat bahaya...btw hye!

Mya said...

nice words =)))

Mr PenyuBiru said...

pepatah ada mengatakan terlanjak perahu boleh di undur.

Mya said...

terlajak kata? sendiri mau ingat hehe =p